4 card tarot spread


Tarot reading has been around for centuries and has played a vital role in history and
cartomancy and it acts as a bridge between the universe and the human. Is it amazing? A deck
of cards can tell you about what your feelings actually mean and through that, you can
determine the best course of action for your day or whatever reason you took the aid of tarot
reading! Tarot reading works in multiple ways where an individual may select a card from a
deck from a certain arcana and it would relate to the individual by taking into account; their
energies, aura, and surroundings!

4 card tarot spread

4 card tarot spread meaning

Not only that! As we know that tarot reading works on the principle of reading auras and energy, a person has to clear up their mind while interacting with the tarot cards and try to unclutter themselves from any thought that might hold their energies back. Your future, past or present might also play a significant role in what the cards have to say about you! Tarot reading contains many different avenues and roadworks of playing, as it has no correct way of reading the cards, each of the cards that you undertake relates to a different part of your life and in order for the cards to truly show you your realities or the answer to whatever question you might have, you must think about what card actually says to you or what do you
actually feel when you look at the card that you have drawn.

Speaking of cards, many people don’t believe in the concept that a physical entity can connect your spiritual energies with the universe, but in reality, tarot cards are actually a vessel for your energies, it has no physical connection to your body but your mind itself. Your universe has an elaborate system to communicate with beings, you might have heard of unsolicited thoughts that might come to one’s mind during a hard time or a tough situation.

And those very thoughts might have elevated that person out of their hurdle/misery. This is the universe speaking to that person and similarly, you can talk to the universe too and have it tell you about your current situation or just the general fore-casting of your day if you might face
some tragedy or you might get a good omen for a positive happening!

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4 card tarot spread 2

You might ask, How will I know what my thoughts mean? Well, there is an elaborate tarot guidebook that gives you a complete breakdown of what each card means and how you can interpret its knowledge to your own benefit. In a 4 card tarot spread, you might be given 4 cards relating to a different arcana either minor or major and it can depict a piece of elaborate information about you, depending on what you are thinking at the time! First, you have to have a clear mind and then think about how you feel while looking at the card, is it a negative feeling? Is it a positive feeling? Or just a mixture of both? In a case of a negative feeling, you might face negativity in the realm of whatever the card represents, it can be a negative time, a tragedy or just a simple argument with someone, the universe has communicated with you and has given you a hint about what might unpack in your life or day relating to that specific card. 

If you get a positive feeling, know that your day or whatever you thought about is heading in a positive direction where you might make up with somebody, get a raise or just have a simple happy day! Who knows! It totally depends on your ability to control your mind, the greater the control you have over your mind, the greater will be the impact of the 4 card tarot spread!

There are many types of spreads in a tarot reading such as a 2,3,6 or a 4 card tarot spread, now what does a 4 card tarot spread mean? You see, there are many instances where a particular person only wants to communicate with the universe about what’s going on in a very specific area of their life, it can be related to relations, life, work or just simple stress, for this purpose a 2 or 3 card spread is enough but if you want to have a little more detailed breakdown of what will happen or what is just happening right now in your surroundings/life, you might need a 4 card tarot spread as a 4 card tarot spread might contain a card from each of the minor arcana: sword, wand, cup, and pentacles. Each of the arcana relates to specific areas of one’s life and environment and a 4 card tarot spread might utilize all of them and give you a detailed breakdown of what you want to know in a brief way! 4 card tarot spread is actually a really quick and concise method of taking in all that tarot reading has to offer! If you want to have a complete or a much more detailed breakdown of information, you can opt for the 6 card tarot spread which might also contain a card from the major arcana and a joker which acts as the main protagonist of the entire series!

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Each of the minor arcana contains 14 cards with 10 normal and 4 representing the king, queen, knight, and page; these arcana represent the sub-level normalities of your life whether it is related to your mood or some other minor factor of your life. Whereas the major arcana with the 22 cards contains 21 pictorial cards each representing a picture of something different which may or may not relate to your current state of mind, the last card “the fool” is either the first or the last card of the deck. In a 4 card tarot spread, the series begins by shuffling the cards from the decks altogether, some say that this practice is the bridge between the energies and the deck of cards and almost works as a transferring medium for the latter! Nonetheless, while you keep your mind uncluttered, 4 cards will be laid out in a 4 card tarot spread, a point to note here is that a 4 card tarot spread is not the most popular method of tarot reading but the Celtic cross is actually the most prominent and regular method of tarot reading, although a 4 card tarot spread is a much quicker and swift method of reading tarots, usually meant for reading short-term things about the individual.

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4 card spread tarot reading

Moving on with the 4 card tarot spread we will learn how a 4 card tarot spread can be read and what possibilities are there for reading it. When four cards are drawn from the deck, it requires no specific orientation or shape that coincides with the cards, you can place them in a square configuration or a staff, what really matters are the cards themselves. The 4 card tarot spread is generally used to convey a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to your feelings or questions, if you think that you have done something wrong or maybe you have an ulterior motive forsomething, it will clear it up and let you know about what is actually going around you or the situation you face. There are multiple spreads, one of them is called the ‘straight shooter’ and here are its details:

There are four cards in this spread and each one is oriented around a yes or no answer so you have to keep that in mind, if you boggle yourself up in the details you might have a hard time communicating with the universe itself.

●card represents yourself, moreover the energy that you emit.

● ‘Unknown’ card represents the details that are hidden from you which might have an impact on whatever you are looking for.

● ‘Known’ card represents the known details, which you already know about the situation or whatever you are looking to clear up with the help of the 4 card tarot Spread
● ‘Action’ card represents the action that you should take on your situation, whether it be positive or a negative aspect, it will be better for your own self as the universe means it is so!


The actual course of reading that you have to undertake has the main component of keeping your mind as clear as you can, thinking about the goals as clearly as possible. If it is a situation that deals with your daily life, your mind should be completely focused on that. 

The action card requires that you adhere to the unknown and known cards first and these cards require that you adhere to the ‘you’ card. With the unknown and known cards read and you are completely clear about the boundaries and intensity of your situation, or whatever it is you are looking for, you can now look upon the action card and feel whatever thoughts you get. You might get a feeling about taking an action or refraining from such an action, it is very important in a 4 card tarot spread that you differentiate between the good and bad aspects of the action you thought about.

personal perspective with 4 card tarot spread

!Another layout of the 4 card tarot spread is called the ‘personal perspective’, which means that the cards are used to bring about information about yourself or how you feel and reveal what action is the best for you or if you are being biased or unbiased when thinking about a pertinent issue or an event faced by you.

The 4 card tarot spread is in a Will, Issue, Ego and Alternative setting which are reminiscent of your thoughts or if these traits exist in a positively and or a negatively inclined manner which impacts your decision!

● The ‘Issue’ card is the main protagonist of the 4 card tarot spread and represents the issue at hand or around which your train of thought is circling! All other cards are impacted by this issue card.

● The adjacent card in a 4 card tarot spread from the ‘Issue’ card is the ‘Ego’ card which represents your ulterior thoughts about what you are looking for, if you have any bias or have an intention of personal gain from something that isn’t meant to be for personal gain, this card will help you in figuring that out!

● The crossing card from the ‘Issue’ card is the ‘Will’ card, The will card is reminiscent of your personal views about the issue. It represents what you are looking to get out of your situation at hand! It can either be positively or negatively inclined.

● The last card in a 4 card tarot spread is the ‘Alternative’ card, which represents an alternative method or a path to your problem or an event which prompted you to utilize the help of the universe! This card will help you in finding an alternative solution to your thoughts if they come out to be negatively inclined or the spread reveals that they are not beneficial to you and your interests.

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4 card tarot spread energy

Another commonly used 4 card tarot spread is the common draw spread and this requires no specific layout of the cards, a simple line of 4 cards placed adjacently will suffice. This spread is used to know about your energies and your possibility of success in your day, it can reveal information about the actions you can take today or if you should just relax!

● The first card in this 4 card tarot spread should be oriented about what you should do Today! ● The second card should be oriented around what challenges are there that you might face today. If this card shows you a positive response or you get a feeling about what's going to happen, then you should focus on the next card.
● The third card represents the course of action that you should take if there is any challenge you feel you might face today. This action will be the successor to the challenge card.
● The fourth card in the spread will represent the overall course of what you should do today to be efficient or complete tasks within time. This 4 card tarot spread is very efficient and very robust if you utilize it in your daily lives, it is a convenient way of letting the universe control your day! There is another 4 card tarot spread that relates to your entire life and can be done to achieve a complete overview of your life decisions and what you should do to make your life more compatible with yourself! This is called the ‘wind spread’ and the layout is based on the four directions of winds and should be arranged respectively to South, North, West and East.

● The first card in the spread is the ‘South’ card. This represents the animosities of your life that you should leave behind. If there is any troublesome aspect of your life which is a burden and should be left behind, this card will reveal it to you! ● The second position is on the ‘West’ card. This represents any ignorance of any aspect of your life which might be leaving a negative impact on your life! In order to move forward and reduce the burden, this card will reveal anything that you are ignoring in your life. 

● The third position belongs to the ‘East’ card. This card reveals your need for knowledge, this card will let you know about anything that needs to be understood by you or something that you are missing and you should know about it, it can be regarding your life or just a general perspective. 

● The fourth position belongs to the ‘North’ card. This card represents your potential for success, this card will reveal the achievements you can attain in your life or something else for whose purpose you used the wind spread. On a final note, the 4 card tarot spread is a quick and handy way of reading your energies and communicating with the universe, some matters require a larger spread but a 4 card tarot spread is a very unique and swift method of reading tarot cards. The only requirement is keeping your intentions and mind clear while reading tarot cards as any disturbance or a hurdle might have an impact on the overall results or might act as an obstacle in the bridge between your energies and the universe.

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