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According to physic gardens traditions, there is a unifying force that transcends through them. This unifying force of unifying gardens may include the shuffling of cards or the random choosing of artifacts from of numerous physic alternatives. There is a belief that life could be causal as in no two events may be caused without the intervention of another. This is a modern scientific view point and one that is essential in the incorporation of physic gardens. However, there are far more ancient beliefs. Beliefs which state that everything in our universe is interconnected and that physic patterns whether find in gardens tea cups tarot decks or dreams are all part of the same awesome and great invisible force. 

physic garden

How do physic gardens work?

In physic gardens in the modern world, a term has emerged which is both wow waw wonderful amazing as it is dang jeez darn frustrating. This physic garden term is otherwise known as synchronicity.. Synchronicity defines events which ostensibly unrelated have occurred together in a cluster which is extremely meaningful to the people to whom they experience. Pickers in the physic garden of life, in other words, to seekers to whom the phenomenon of the physic garden occurs experience neither randomness nor entropy. On the contrary, physic gardens embody an ancient belief which describes a universe in which everything is interconnected. They are all part of the same physic force and embodied in plants contained in a single garden. Examples of synchronicity could be found anywhere. A chance encounter with an old friend, a seemingly random phone call from someone , or even the appearance of a loved one inside of a lucid dream. Inside of a physic garden, lie fascinations with all types of synchronicity at work wether through astrology, tarot or even I Ching. All of which channel the power of physic gardens at work. For example, in a tarot deck, the card which we select is brought to bare as a result of something inside of us which needs to be manifested or expressed into the outer world. ALARM! ALARM! What you have chosen from your physic garden has unique meaning just for you. All of the symbols and patterns embodied in your physic garden provide not only the keys to your invisible fortune but the intuition with which they could be aligned into meaning. Thus creating within your physic garden a universal truth and an astounding insight INTO YOUR FUTURE. The choice of a card might seem random within the confines of our own human perception but believe it or not it is not you who picks your cards but your cards who pick you. It is the oracle of the moment and the pervade of divine truths within the seeming arbitrariness of a moment of would be random choice which dictates the physic garden of your soul.

physic garden

How do we learn to channel our 6th sense? Learn our fortune through the understanding of our deepest intuition? (Irrational function, using the perspective via the unconscious is how Karl Young defined the intuition.)
Intuition derives from a latin word which could be translated us “looking inside”. Many people experience intuition as merely a fleeting moment sudden intuition. A feeling, a hunch or a gut instinct. Sometimes people identify this instinct within their psychic gardens as something called ESP, or extra sensory perception. According to scientist and psychologists, intuition is a right brain function, often fiueled by emotional triggers. According to scientist the left brain however is responsible for logical thinking whereas the right brain adheres to feelings and creativity. In other words, when grazing within your own physic garden, any good feeling you should have is a strong implication that you are headed in the right direction. Nevertheless, one never knows the reason why ones deep emotions are triggered in the first place. However, the physic garden as a whole represents the universal store house of knowledge. A cache of indispensable intuition with which ones innate 6th sense can make an instant deep and lasting connection.

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How do you as the physic garden can read your own future?

create your own oracular readings and to invent exercises which improve your own intuition?
Many people throughout history have used various books as an oracular insight into their own futures wether reading the Bible or the complete works of Shakespeare. They have engendered themselves with a free and basic method with which to divine the future. Walk into your physic garden. Find a quiet physic place. Sit down in your garden and relax. Take out a book and open it up in front of you and relax inside the safety of your physic garden. Close your eyes and thumb through the pages. Smell them. Let your ears hear as you close your eyes, the soft and quick rifling through pages containing wisdom and knowledge wither to unknown to you. Imagine if you will, days unknown to you, the dream of achievements you have yet to achieve and the fulfilling of life long dreams yet to be realized. What will this day bring? What is important for me? What is possible for me to help realize? Now stop! What page are you on? What does it say on this page? And what about it feels right to you ? For you? Close your eyes. Run your finger through the length, width and girth of the page. NOW STOP! You know this is where you belong. You have now buried the seed and packed the bulbs that will grow into your own immutable and intractable physic garden, providing invaluable insight into your own life and the path of your destiny. Now open your eyes and read the words nearest your finger tips. First of all you must read them aloud for the incantation for the seemingly random syllables and incantations inherent within the cypher of the written word is what provides the first preternatural leap from the quotidian into the supernatural occurs with the audible incantation of ones words and phrases. Soon you will discover that these are far from random expressions of verbiage but rather a divine and unrepeatable sequence of just the right words for you. They are your destiny and represent the content of your own personal cosmic fortune cookie.

There will be something in these words that tells you that they are right. Therefore make sure that throughout the day you keep a close watch on the potential relevance of every word as it pertains to you. Think about the relevance these words may have in regards to events which occur no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant. Think about or ponder the significance which these words may be relative to the people that you have met or the people that you have yet to meet. In these preponderances you will find the meat of what is called synchronicity.

What was a Physic Garden?

physic garden needs

A physic garden does not need to be a physical garden but rather an imaginary physic or philosophical space which combines the various elements necessary to engage synchronicity.

intuitive powers

Add your own intuitive powers to the equations. Do not be afraid to rely upon your own intuitive and physical skills. You will find that you are not only intuitive but incredible

physic garden & success

Physic gardens can help you to engage the present and increase your knowledge of the future so you can plan for greater success

physic garden self-knowledge

increased happiness and a higher degree of self-knowledge.

Hidden truths which have hitherto seemed unknowable will become known to you in an instant. The mystery of symbols will reveal their symbolic mysteries to you like the last five pages of a book by Agatha Christy. At this point, the hidden fruits of your physic garden will reveal themselves to you through your own inexplicable knowledge of the future. Your mysterious wisdom regarding your past and the sudden happiness with which you may now help others to realize their own futures and negotiate their own intuitive choices. 

Whatever your preferred choice of psychic tools you will find that the power and efficacy of your preferred method of divination will prove itself out the more you utilize it in the sincere and devoted practice of divination and the honing of innate psychic intuition. Perhaps there is a technique buried within your physic garden to which you are most attracted. Do not be afraid to delve in and engage with the symbols and oracles which you find most personally inspiring. Also do not be discouraged if within your moment of coming to know yourself or others in their true state engenders a feeling which you do nutlike or which repels you from your physic garden. The truth is that not one true technique is inherently better more difficult or more accurate than any other. It all comes down to a matter of personal Taste. And above all trust within yourself. Believe in yourself, control your destiny and all good fortunes will become yours.

Physic Garden FAQ

One physic garden must be rich in symbolism and imagery. Each and every plant within one physic garden must have a specific name, number, and image.

All of this will resonator with your physic garden as a representation of our collective unconscious. When we do tarot readings or any of the affirmed methods the physic readings in earnest we are able to delve into the universal sea of unknowable knowledge. And tap into our own personal secret destiny and physic garden

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