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Our site is a trusted source of personalized advice from experts in various fields. Our mission is to provide a convenient and safe environment for users and advisors to enjoy communicating with one another online at the most convenient time and settings. We thrive on success of all our members and advisors who come together on our site to have a healthy and fruitful exchange.

Our advisors are handpicked from a group of thousands applicants and are truly the master minds in their area of expertise. What’s better than talking to an experienced advisor? We all experience challenges in life and getting fresh advice and new perspective may provide some clue to set us on our way to greatness or accomplishing our desires. Our advisors can provide that necessary insight, extra push, or help with the next steps.

Our unique platform provides a unique capability to our members and advisors to meet, receive, or provide live readings, conducting respective business transactions. Getting readings on the site is safe and secure as we adhere to the most restrict privacy and confidentiality practices. User information is protected at all time.

We provide direct communication capability to connect advisors and our members across the globe via telephony, online chat, video chat, instant messaging and email. The calling capability allows users to contact one another through our system maintaining confidentiality via the most convenient and most personable mode of communication. Our chat capability allows user to maintain anonymity and confidentiality if users wish to communicate in writing. The video chat is provided for more personal and intimate communication between site members. Other capabilities such as email, instant messaging and more allow users to communicate in the most secure and comfortable setting.

Advisors provide psychic, advice, life-coaching advice, tarot and astrology readings, advice based on personal perspective, and for licensed therapists, psychologists they may qualify to provide advice based on their credentials. We encourage our members to try our selected advisors to find the best advisor suited to their needs.

Our intent is not to manage or police advisor inpidual businesses. We provide the means to connect the parties. Each advisor is an independently operated business responsible for their business, hence responsible for their actions, availability, and ultimately their advice. Although we provide our advisors with code of conduct and general business management policies, the members are responsible to check credentials of each advisor and make a personal choice exercising their own judgment. Advisors operate their business through our platform, essentially paying for their space on the site so we can provide their services to our members. Advisors opinions and advice is provided by each advisor and warranted by the advisor. Our company assumes no liability in opinions, suggestions, actions, advice and conduct of any advisor.

The membership on the site(s) is completely voluntary and based on user choice. All communication and payments are voluntary and user must consent to non-refundable payment terms at the time of payment, as the advice received cannot be refunded. Due to the nature of the advisor non-tangible products, User is advised to initially try each advisor for their liking before spending money on regular basis with their favorite advisor. Any issues and disputes shall be resolved with the advisor and our commitment to our users is to make sure the advisors do in fact provide the necessary support for our mutual consumers. The services provided on this site are for entertainment purposes and any action based on the information received from the advising members is responsibility of the members.

We screen our advisors for their ability and their personal and business history as well as their background prior to signing them up on our site. We try our best to screen advisors prior to signing them up, and reserve the right to refuse service to any advisor or consumer as we see fit.

We never charge members for services not rendered and never provide member personal information to inside or outside sources, Your information on our database is confidential and it is used to maintain integrity of the business conducted through the site.

Finally, we suggest our members to use our services to maintain their anonymity and confidentiality at all time. We wish you the best experience on our site and look forward to providing you with exceptional service everyday.