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There are as many types of psychic Advisors as there is psychic advice. This is why it is so important to have a group of vetted professional psychics with different areas of expertise to choose from. That is why at Avid Advice we bring you the true Psychic Masterminds. A certain type of psychic advisor may be right for you depending on the type of issue you are concerned about, your past, your personality and even your mood on any given day. Although it is impossible for us to cover all the type psychic reading, we have at least a gifted psychic Advisors that will help you out.

Types of Psychic Readings

There are two types of psychic readings which are structured and unstructured psychic advice.

Structured Psychic Advice

This type of psychic advice is based on the reading of existing patterns and symbols that have defined meanings. All our psychic advisers on Avid Advice are so experienced that they know how to apply the meanings of these patterns and symbols to your specific question or situation. Examples of the structured psychic advice include the readings based on a deck of cards (cartomancy), readings based on numbers associated with one's life (numerology), dream interpretations and the Tarot readings. These types of readings are used for divination (to predict future events, to understand what is happening in your career, relationships and other areas of life. They are also used to reveal hidden truths and improve future outcomes.

Unstructured Psychic Advice

This type of psychic advice is based on what a psychic adviser senses about you. This can be based on your current life situation, your emotions, your spirit, your relationships and your past at the time of the reading. Examples of the unstructured psychic advice include lost object readings, love readings, Angel card readings, spiritual readings, and past life readings. They are useful when you will like to make inquiries about someone or something in your life – now or in the past that you need a solution to. This can easily be done by an experienced psychic advisor from our group. The advisor will just connect some invisible aspects of your life like spirits, angels, and hidden signs together to get some information about the hidden realms that will reveal what you need to know.

Gifted Psychic Adviser

The main types of psychic gifts are also known as the clairs. There are four major psychic gifts which include Clairvoyance (clear seeing - which makes use of an inner clear seeing ability), Clairsentience (clear feeling – receiving messages through emotions, feelings or physical sensations), Clairaudience (clear hearing – receiving messages without the use of the physical ears) and the Claircognizance (clear knowing – this is done without the logic or facts). Whatever your situation, question, or spiritual journey, you will surely find a gifted psychic Advisor here who will meet your needs. You can browse through our group of Advisors to know more about the psychic advice they can offer you through our services.

Accurate Psychic Readings

We all have different views about accuracy in psychic readings but one thing we must know is that a psychic reading is a spiritual venture and not a scientific one. Therefore, it can't be measured in numbers. For example, you can't grade every answer you get to your questions; say rating it like an X out of 100 scores. It just doesn't work like that! There are some things that will influence the outcome of a psychic reading and also determine how accurate it will be. Some of which include your expectations, your state of mind, your connection with a chosen psychic, what you bring to a psychic reading and where you are now and what you expect in the future.

Qualified and Curated (and Accurate!) Psychic Readers

Our group of psychic advisors may not be plenty, we make sure we have a group of expert and accurate psychic readers. We don't just choose an adviser, we select among the best, train them and put them through several tests before we put them forward to our clients. Every information you are given is the authentic information. In case you are not too satisfied by any of our psychic readers, you can contact us. We will look for a way out for you.