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  • Astrology & Tarot Readings

    How are stars lined today in the universe?
    Discover the messages of the universe and the constellations.

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  • Astrology& Tarot Readings

    Take a deep dive into the messages from the planets and unearthly world.

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Meet Our Top Advisers

Persian Medium

$35 Per minute

Featured in Forbes, WSJ, ABC, NBC, CBS,FOX Co-author with Brian Tracy Co-author with Jack Canfield c...
Psychic Giovanni

$14.44 Per minute

Love Expert, specializing in love matters and love readings. Find who is your true soulmate and twin...
Love Psychic Sophie

$8.88 Per minute

Is he or she is the one? Is she or he my twin flame? Is this person your soul mate? I have the answe...

$13.33 Per minute

Results oriented, with 12+ years experience and expertise as an intuitive psychic and empath. I am a...
Psychic Emily

$7.99 Per minute

TIME TO LET GO OR NOT GIVE UP? FIND THE TRUTH Unveils the true motives of your lover. Uncovers you...
Psychic Medium Johnathan

$12 Per minute

My name is Johnathan and my mission is to help people accomplish their fullest potential and live th...
Doctor Medium Anima

$10 Per minute

First Readings and consultations are Free. 7th generation psychic with 30 year experience in practic...
Medium Jacqueline

$11.11 Per minute

- Certified Celebrity Psychic for over 15 years - Find Clarity and Love. Free first readings. ...
Spiritual Advisor Anaisa

$8.99 Per minute

Dedicated to offering detailed and precise readings, Anaisa focuses on answering not only the questi...
Psychic Dorien Moon

$12.5 Per minute

Celebrity Psychic 30+ years reading on TV and Radio Looking for answers to your most private issues?...