Tips for preparing for a psychic reading


In theory, preparing for psychic readings should be easy. In fact, there should be no preparing for psychic readings that would even be necessary. In practice however,
there are many things that should be done in preparing for psychic readings.

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How Do I Prepare For a Psychic Reading?

5 Tips for Preparing for A Psychic Reading

Here are 5 tips for preparing for those psychic readings:

1. Am I completely open to my psychic readings or is my prejudice an innate biase preventing me from receiving the truth of my psychic reading? I must be open
to receiving all psychic truths from my psychic reading even if they are abhorrent to my psyche.

2. Does my psychic reading account for all my unique personality quirks? I am a unique being and my psychic reading should account for that and not be simply a
generic psychic reading. The truth is that even though we are all unique, our cosmic imprint is shared with many others, which is why during a psychic reading, we should not
get too hung up on the individual particulars of our psychic reading.

3. When is a specific time when my psychic love and relationship prophecies will be fulfilled? Well, people have free will. And ones psychic reading is not always set in
stone. One must be open to the ways in ones psychic readings and ones reactions to ones psychic readings will coaless in a way which accurately fulfills ones psychic destiny.

4. What if I receive a psychic reading which feels totally accurate at the time but which in the time of its fulfillment seems totally contrary to the reality? Well, psychic readings
accuracy is based upon the concurrent flow of ones behavior and intension against the chaos and entropy of ones extended universe, therefore ones destiny i.e. ones psychic
readings accuracy is in constant flux with many factors hanging within the cosmic balance.

5. How do I orientate myself so as to assure the psychic accurateness of my readings? Firstly, you must remove your ego from the equation. Just because one psychic reading
would appear to placate ones hopes and desires, it doesn’t mean that it will automatically come true. The accuracy of ones psychic reading depends upon many factors.

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Not the least of which is ones innate ability to subordinate ones self to the trajectory of ones cosmic destiny as is necessary to maintain objective cosmic harmony between the
cosmos, the galaxies, the planets, the earth. the sun, the moon, the sky and the individual.

These have been 5 tips for how to prepare for a psychic reading. Also, in preparing for a psychic reading one must remember that people are different. Recognizing this
fundamental truth for preparing for psychic readings is an essential stage for loving and healthy relationships. The practice of preparing for psychic readings however
puts us in a state in which we do not fully acknowledge that people are all different. We resist, we resent and we reject each others differences. We feel entitled that
the other people in our lives think feel and act as we do in our own lives. When people in our lives react in a different way from what we have come to expect from our
psychic readings, we lable them as wrong. We invalidate them. Our immediate approach is to try to fix them. But in fact what they really need is nurturing and understanding. 

we try to improve them when instead what they need is trust, appreciation and acceptance.

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how to prepare for a psychic reading?

We often lament that if only they would change we would love them. If only they would live up to our expectations, we would love them. If only they could see things with the
clarity that we see things, we would love them. If only they would do the things we ask them to do we would love them. What is love? Is love the art of appreciating a person
when only they fulfill our expectation of them? Is love the art of changing a person into the thing we want them to be instead of the thing they choose to be? Does love mean
trusting and caring for a person simply because they feel and think the way that we do? In preparing for a psychic reading, all of these angles are worth considering and
certainly they do not amount to love as expected. This is a love constructed only for the sake of the giver and not for the receiver. In preparing for a psychic reading, one must remember
that true love, real love, actual love is absolutely unconditional. When we prepare for a psychic reading, we must remember real love values. In preparing for a psychic reading
we must remember that true love affirms.
In preparing for a psychic reading we must remember that unconditional love can never be possible without acceptance of our differences. In preparing for a psychic reading we must accept
that real love cannot be possible without the acceptance of our respected differences.

How Do I Prepare For a Psychic Reading?

three major psychological types

In preparing for a psychic reading, one must understand that people can be divided into three major psychological types which mirror their three different body types.
These are:
1. Action-oriented.
2. Feeling oriented.
3. Mind oriented.

4 temperamental differences

Sometimes, in preparing for a psychic reading, one must consider these three types as deriving from 4 temperamental differences. Differences that could generally be described
By the 4 following attributes:
1. Physical
2. Feeling
3. Thinking
4. Intuitive

types of psychic readings

psychic reading, one should bare in mind that contemporary seminars in the fields of business, personal growth, and life coaching adhere to as few as 4 basic types.
1. The supporter
2. The promoter
3. The controller
4. The analyzer

In preparing for ones psychic reading, one must realize that while all of these qualities possess their own individual merit, in embracing ones greater awareness, in embracing what

all of these unique qualities possess, one will obtain a greater ability and awareness of how one can choose to integrate and develop them into ones self.

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