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If you’ve felt lost at some point in your life and looked for guidance in spirituality, you may have gone to psychic reading sites like Psychic Source.

After reading tons of stuff about Psychic Source on the internet, I decided to come up with a guide that will have everything related to Psychic Source, from how to get started with Psychic Source and how to use Psychic Source, to a list of types of reading on Psychic Source and also questions like, is Psychic Source trustworthy?

What is Psychic Source?

Psychic Source: A quick overview

With more than 30 years of experience, Psychic Source is one of the most professional websites offering online services by psychics, which makes it a respected and well-loved veteran in the psychic readings field. From a wide range of types of reading on Psychic Source, users can get whatever they are seeking for their psychic needs. The site is designed user-friendly to ensure that users don’t face any difficulty regarding how to use psychic source. All psychics on the site are vetted carefully for credibility to make sure they are not imposters or scam artists wanting to make quick money. Some Psychic Source reviews say that their advisors don’t provide an authentic reading. Specifically for such cases, the site offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


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How to get started with Psychic Source?

If you’re new to Psychic Source, you probably have the question “How to get started with Psychic Source” Don’t worry as this section has everything you need to know about the query. 

Keep in mind that this section only answers how to get started with Psychic Source, it does not answer how to use Psychic Source. But, don’t worry if you want to learn how to use Psychic Source, I’ll also explain that later in this guide.

Whether you are new to Psychic readings or have got some readings earlier, getting started with Psychic Source is pretty easy. Therefore, there’s no need to stress about How to get started with Psychic Source.

The psychic readers at the Psychic Source use multiple tools and gifts to give users the most revealing, insightful, and valuable reading possible. Most psychic readers are born with psychic gifts, realizing that they owned these unique abilities at a young age. 

To help you how to get started with Psychic Source in a more manageable manner, I have divided the answer into three simple steps.

psychic source

How to get started with Psychic Source? (3 steps)

Step 1 – How to get started with psychic source

The first step to How to get started with Psychic Source is creating your account at the site. To open your online account, call their service or their customer care. They will walk you through the simple steps to create your account. Once you set up an account, you can then add funds and track activity on your account. Keep in mind that to make an account you must own a credit card. This credit card is used for verifying that you are 18+ and is used to transfer funds into your account. Users without credit cards can add funds to their account through debit cards, gift cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express), or a money order. Many users before entering their information on Psychic Source might question Is psychic source Trustworthy? So, yes, don’t hesitate in entering any of your information, the site is trustworthy. I’ll thoroughly answer the query “Is psychic source Trustworthy?” later in this guide. Here, I’ve only provided the most straightforward answer.

Step 2 – How to get started with psychic source

At Psychic Source, there is no hidden fee or cost. Therefore, you can add as many dollars as you want to your account without worrying about them being deducted for no reason. You can use the real-time phone system at Psychic Source to add funds online. Add as little or as much as you wish, from $15 to $5000 one time.

The most simple way of adding funds to your account is by using a credit card. For users who want to anonymously add funds to their account, they can do it using a Master Card, Visa, or American Express Gift Card. Your privacy is maintained and transactions are kept confidential while using a gift card, as there are no statements at all.

As mentioned earlier in this section of “How to get started with Psychic Source”, you can also add money to your account using a Money Order. The process is however a little more complicated than adding dollars using a credit card or a gift card, but don’t worry, this “How to get started with Psychic Source” section has all the tutorials and information you need for starting out. So, to add dollars to your account using a money order just follow the steps below.

  • Buy a money order in the amount of the package on Psychic Source you want to buy.

  • Make it payable to “Expert Link, Inc.”

  • Mail the money order to “P.O. Box 794 Langhorne, PA 19047”

  • Make sure to include your full name, date of birth, address, and telephone number.

  • You’ll have to wait for two weeks after sending the money order.

Users can always check how many dollars they have in their account and how many they can pay for a reading. New members enjoy amazing introductory offers. So, if you are new to the service, which I guess you are since you are learning How to get started with Psychic Source, you can get a reading at discounted rates. Moreover, you’ll get free 3 minutes on your first reading. An advisor at Psychic Source will guide you about the process and will introduce their style of reading. If you have any questions, the advisor will try to answer them all for you.

Is the query “Is Psychic Source Trustworthy?” ticked your mind again after reading about paying for a psychic source, just have some patience, you’ll get a detailed answer to it.

Step 3 – How to get started with psychic source

As soon as you set up your account, stop questioning whether is psychic source trustworthy. add funds to your account on the site, you are ready for reading! To get a phone reading, call their service and provide the ID number of your membership to log in and choose an Advisor, or open the website, log into your account, and tap the button labeled “Call Me” to get a quick call back from your chosen advisor. To get an online reading, enter your email and password, or the ID number of your membership.

Whether online or on phone, take time selecting the Advisor you wish to get a reading from. In case Advisor isn’t available at the moment, you can set up a Return Call so that when it is your turn for a reading, they will call you.

You’ll learn thoroughly about the process of setting up a call, selecting an advisor, adding dollars while on a call, and other tutorials, later in the “How to use Psychic Source” section of this guide.

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Paying for readings

Now, as you’ve learned how to get started with Psychic Source, let’s understand paying for readings on the site.

Once you get your reading, they deduct the fee from the balance on your account, based on the time taken for reading and the per minute rate of your Advisor. You are only charged for the minutes a reading lasts. You are not charged for time spent on any other service (like speaking with customer care, hearing about the options menu, or waiting till the call connects).


At the start of a reading, you’ll be informed about your account’s current balance and with that balance, how much time you can continue with your selected Advisor. If during a reading you connect for more than your account could afford, you can use the QuickBuy feature to add dollars.


Psychic Source frequently comes up with promotions and special offers which is an excellent way of getting more funds into your account and more time with your preferred Advisors. But, are these offers and promotions a scam? Is psychic source Trustworthy? Yes, it is. No promotions or offers on the psychic source are fraud or scam.

This was all about How to get started with Psychic Source, now let’s take a look at the types of reading on psychic source.


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Types of reading on Psychic Source

As you view the types of reading on Psychic Source, you should start by making your mind clear about what you want from the psychic advice. Do you want answers to burning questions? Guidance in a tough situation? Insight on what ticks you? Timelines regarding future events? Communication with your loved one who’s passed away? Or maybe leave the reading with the feeling of healing, validation, or hope?


Psychic Source consultants offer phone, chat, and video readings. With a wide range of types of reading on Psychic Source, you can have a reading for all occasions, your experience, the issue you are worried about, or your mood on any day.


To assist you in sorting through your choices, I’ll list all the readings here. However, to learn How to use psychic source and get a reading, you’ll need to go to the next section of this guide. So, here’s a listing of all types of reading on Psychic Source. 


Tarot Readings

A Tarot reading is based on the divination card deck that is claimed to reveal messages and meaning for every stage of the journey of life. The cards, which have their origins in Europe in the late 1700s, give insight into positive experiences, stressful uncertainties, and bad and good influences that we are likely to face in everyday life. A professional tarot reader with their about the cards brings you information and insight about the present and upcoming timing and events.

Love Tarot Reading


Some special tarot spreads are used for predicting future love and/or answering questions regarding a romantic relationship. An expert tarot reader is proficient in reading the energy of you and the person you are interested in, mixing the psychic details, with cards placement, and their imagery and symbolism, to come up with a noteworthy interpretation that says to your story.

Spiritual Readings

In the spiritual readings, psychic tap into the spiritual realm knowledge and your higher self to help you see the patterns in relationships, personality, and history, and also predict directions you could take in current and coming circumstances.

Past Life Reading

Next on our list of types of reading on Psychic Source is Past Life Readings in which a psychic views and collects intuitive info about your life’s past and your different incarnations. This special reading could address a number of questions regarding your present life, since it may reveal unsolved emotional issues or/and trauma that could be moved from one lifetime to another according to the karmic theory. The past life readings can help in explaining why you feel, behave, or act a particular way in your present life. Once information about any unresolved trauma and/or emotional issues is disclosed, then the healing can start.

Numerology Readings

The Numerology readings are used to estimate a numerology chart using your date of birth and name. The chart will give information regarding your relationships and personality. A numerologist could give you predictions regarding your future and insight into the past, predict results and compatibility for relations, good and bad days, and other aspects. Moreover, numerologists also tell how changing your name’s spelling or number on your address could bring better changes in your life.

Love Reading

Of all types of reading on Psychic Source, Love reading is till now the most requested one, answering questions such as When will I find true love? , “Where am I most likely to find my soul mate?”, Does my crush like me? and much more. The psychic information can come up from some unexpected methods in love readings – a clairvoyant vision flash predicting visual information of a future lover, or details of a soulmate from the past. So, if you want to get this most demanded reading type, head towards the “How to use psychic source” to learn how to get this one or any other reading.

Lost Objects Readings

In lost objects reading a psychic can maybe find an item that is missing and is meaningful for you. Usually performed by trusting on “remote viewing,” this practice has clairvoyants focusing on far-off objects and gathering information that pinpoints their locations. Usually, the object being searched has monetary or sentimental value, and the relation between the searcher and the object is crucial if they both are to be reunited.

Energy Work

Next to our list of types of reading on Psychic Source is energy work which is a healing method that uses some techniques that focus on the energy centers of the body for improving a health condition. From distance Reiki to vibrational healing and other Western and Eastern energy healing modalities, Psychic Source has skilled energy healers for every form of energy work. These gifted energy healers can help in clearing your auric field of negativity, open up your chakras and boost your energetic vibration to clear your blockages and help balance your body.

Dream Interpretation

A dream provides a direct relation to our unconscious selves. Except for lucid dreaming, where the dreamer is self-aware, in most cases, a dreamer can’t usually control the events that are happening in a dream. A psychic advisor can provide the peace of mind you are looking for by uncovering the root of your nightmare to help you walk through the problems causing them. So, if you’ve made up your mind to get a dream interpretation reading, learn how to get this one or any other reading from the “How to use psychic source” section of the guide.


In the process of channeling, a psychic advisor uses to share spiritual advice to the individuals seeking connection with their spirit guides or their dead loved ones. This medium channels information at the instinctive level and describes it in the human language. A person should go for channeling if he/she needs questions answered, advice, guidance, or closure with a dead loved one.

Chakra Balancing

Another energy healing form, Chakra balancing & alignment reveals your mind and body’s health, and any or every chakra could become weak or blocked. The word chakra is taken from a Sanskrit word for “wheel,” and wheels need energy for moving. An expert psychic, using the chakra balancing techniques can unblock your chakras for your better physical and mental health. 

Cartomancy Readings

Like the other types of reading on Psychic Source, Cartomancy reading is worth your attention. In this reading, a psychic use a deck of cards for answering your questions or conveying insights into your past, present, or future. Usually, a 52-card deck with four suites: hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds, and thirteen cards in a suit (numbers 2 to 10, plus a king, queen, jack, and ace) is used for a cartomancy reading. The deck of 52 cards has been around since the 14th century and it’s believed that this kind of deck was firstly used for cartomancy reading and later for playing games.

Aura Reading

Auras are color or colored pattern that emanates from the object’s surface or over a person reflecting their force of life and chakra energies balance. Psychics who study auras as a part of energy work can often tell your health condition, emotional and mental state based on the colors that emit from your energetic field. A psychic, after viewing your aura is able to determine imbalances of chakra, areas that could use work, and complete disposition.

Astrology Readings

Some types of reading on Psychic Source resemble one another, like Tarot readings and Astrology readings. Astrology – like Tarot reading – is a strong tool to uncover patterns in your behavior and personality, make predictions regarding your future, and explore your relationships to others. 

With the knowledge of astrology readings, a psychic advisor reviews the current positions of celestial bodies and give information regarding your personality, desires, motives, and how they impact the routes you take and the choice you make today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Angel Card Reading

Angel card reading is a way of connecting with the beings that we can’t necessarily perceive or sense in our daily lives while they are all around us. Angel card reading is usually inspiring and positive, and seeks to provide you with information for your highest good. The psychics who are experts in angel card readings and angel readings are known as spiritual readers, psychic mediums, or spiritual intuitive. They may directly connect with your spirit guides and angels, or they might use a special card deck for doing an angel card reading.

This section details all the information you need regarding types of reading on Psychic Source. So, after viewing all these types of reading on psychic source, if you’ve made up your mind to get one, you need to learn how to do it. And for that, the “How to use psychic source” section of this guide could help.

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Types of Psychics on Psychic Source

Just like I listed types of reading on Psychic Source in the previous section, here I’ll list types of Psychics on Psychic source.

What is a psychic?


A psychic is an individual who claims to use extrasensory perception (ESP) for identifying information hidden from the normal senses, especially involving clairvoyance or telepathy. The word “psychic” is taken from the Greek word psychikos (“of the mind” or “mental”) and refers in part to the human psyche or mind. Psychic Arthur describes that a psychic advisor links with the soul of a person and then explains what they get in simple language. 


But, how do you know that the psychics on the site are not a scam, at this point, you might start questioning again “is psychic source trustworthy?” Yes, it is. The lengthy process of registering a psychic assures that they are trustworthy. To become a Psychic Source Advisor, a psychic needs to fill out an online form on the site. This form ensures that a psychic is really experienced, and not a scam or fraud looking for quick cash. 

Types of Psychics

Just like a lot of types of reading on Psychic Source, there are a lot of Psychic advisors as well for almost every possible type. These advisors represent mastery of a broad range of psychic tools, gifts, subject matter skills, spiritual beliefs, and reading styles. Many Psychics while giving a reading, depend on different gifts like different kinds of clairvoyance. Sorting out the nuances could be confusing, so here, I’ve simplified it for you.

Tarot Readers

As you have already read about Tarot Reading while learning about Types of reading on Psychic Source, you probably already have an idea of what are Tarot Readers. They are psychic advisors who specialize in tarot reading and use tarot cards in a number of spreads for indicating blockages and opportunities in different elements of your daily life.


Shamans are a type of energy healers who act as an intermediate between the spirit world and the earthly realm. A Shaman frequently conducts healings, sacred dances, and ceremonies for their spiritual exercise.

Pet Psychics

Pet Psychic is a person who claims to communicate by psychic means with animals (either alive or dead) to discover their mental, physical, and emotional health. They claim to telepathically talk with animals and convey what they pick up to humans. 

Love Psychics

Love psychics are persons who have the natural talent to pin down the root of the issue and help couples recover from abrupt change. Since you’ve already read about Love readings, in the types of reading on Psychic Source section of this guide, you should already know what exactly a Love psychic does. They apply some tools and skills to identify cheating, predict timings, define traits of compatibility in a partner, and do other such things.


Psychic mediums claim to have the gift of communicating with human beings who have passed away, which can give comfort and reassurance to people craving to connect with their dead loved ones. 


Intuitive psychics or empaths hear more than only your words. Intuitive readings need that empaths open themselves up energetically, for placing themselves in your shoes. At the same time, they tap into source wisdom to see the past blockages that stop you from finding solutions for your problems.


An empath may be able to sense the emotions of those around them. A Psychic advisor who is also an empath can convey what the individuals you care about are experiencing and feeling and share this insight with you.

Energy Healers

An energy healer is trained in different modalities that stress the spirit-body-mind connection to restore your energy flow in a balanced way. These Psychic Advisors do Energy work, which is already described in the “Types of reading on Psychic Source section”, so there’s nothing much left to explain about their work. In a summary, Psychic healers claim to use their intuition guided by the flow of universal energy to understand your energetic body.


Clairvoyant psychic readers can tap into energies that an ordinary individual cannot perceive. A person with such skills has the ability to view things in the eye of their mind, depending on what is presented energetically during reading.


A psychic with clairsentient abilities can enter a room and read the vibe, whether humans are present or not. They can pick up on actions or spoken words before they actually happen. In addition to feeling psychic energy emitting from a person, these gifted psychics can also experience someone’s body sensations, for instance, the backache of someone to their right, the headache of a person to their left.


Clairaudient psychics have the ability to “hear clearly” and receive audible messages from the spiritual realm. Through the voices of otherworldly beings or spirit guides, clairaudient psychics can clearly hear what most other people cannot.

Career Psychics

A career psychic has the ability to bring clarity and direction to the tough career decisions one might face. Using the experience, these psychics can answers questions about a person’s interpersonal job issues, making career changes, and starting a new job.


Individuals who have studied the zodiac and have knowledge about the science and art of astrology are known as Astrologers. They use details about the natal chart for describing information regarding character traits, career success, compatibility, and challenges. Astrology readings, when fused into psychic insight, can be a very effective predictor of current as well as future events.


How to use Psychic Source

This guide would be incomplete without learning how to use Psychic Source. So here, I’ll answer the question -how to use Psychic Source. Keep reading to find out. The leading psychic reading online service, Psychic Source offers an extensive range of psychics who are experts in everything from psychic readings to tarot readings. Instead of meeting readers in person, this online platform allows the users to view reviews and overall scores for every psychic and explore by specialty. To help you narrow down the options, the platform has a search filter that allows you to search according to reading style, specialties, and tools. Hence, with all these features, there’s nothing to worry about how to use Psychic Source, as the site is designed user-friendly.


If you choose to search for a reading type, you’ll be first met with the reading’s explanation, then you’ll be given a selection of the top psychics. By clicking on View More, you can view every psychic available for that reading type.

When you search according to psychic, you’ll be then met with photos, per minute rate, availability, and reviews of every advisor. You can check the profile of the reader to find detailed information about them by clicking on their name.

If the readers are not available, you are given the option to schedule, a video call, phone, or chat with them.

If you are struggling in finding the right psychic, use the “Find a Psychic” tool. To find the best match, simply answer some questions regarding how you are feeling and what guidance you seek.

After finding a psychic of your choice, you must register your account before going any further. I have already described how to get started with Psychic Source. Once you read that section thoroughly, you won’t have any problem setting up your account. The “How to get started with Psychic Source” section has everything from how to register and add funds to your account to how to set up a reading and pay for a reading. Learning How to use Psychic Source without knowing How to get started with Psychic Source is pretty complex. Hence, if you’ve skipped the “How to get started with Psychic Source” section, I urge you to go back in this guide to read that section first.

your account only once your selected psychic connects to the call. It takes only a few moments to start speaking with your psychic once he/she enters the chat.


A countdown clock starts running at the top of your screen to display how many minutes you’ve left, that is quite a convenient feature. And as I mentioned earlier while teaching you how to get started with Psychic Source, in case your credits run out during a call, you can add more dollars into your account by using the QuickBuy feature, or you could simply end the chat.

Once the reading ends, you are requested to rate your psychic. Psychic Source has a pretty comprehensive reviews system, which allows you to rate the reader out of 5 stars and write feedback as well. Most readers on Psychic Source have hundreds, and some have thousands of reviews, and most average 4-5 stars ratings — a pretty solid demonstration of the abilities of the reader. 

That’s all you need to know about “how to use Psychic Source”. Now, let’s move to our next section where I’ll answer the query “Is Psychic Source trustworthy?”

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