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January 2020



Specialized in relationships, family, work, and spiritual matters! Born and raised within spirituality, Escarly has always been called to follow such a path with clairvoyance and spirit communication being a part of her natural born abilities. She is a straightforward spiritual advisor, medium, and psychic reader that can connect deeply with people's thoughts, emotions, and what's to come. She works directly with her spiritual guides for clarity and answers to your questions.
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Escarly has worked openly with the public in person and at a distance, she was born and initiated within an Afro-Caribbean spiritual practice deriving from her birth country, the Dominican Republic. She is doted with the abilities to see, feel, hear, and sense spiritual guides and deceased loved ones (if these come forward in a session), this allows her to be quick when replying to questions about past, present, and upcoming events. She has specialized in love and family matters with her abilities to pick up on thoughts and feelings as if they were her own. As both a clairvoyant and medium she doesn't necessarily rely on tools other than the connection she naturally has with the spirit world, regardless she is also an avid tarot and oracle card reader for those interested in such.
  • chadheid
    Was good on POI. Shall see what comes in these few days and weeks!
  • rachel.marlen.nilsen
    Thank u ! Finally i got to talk with you <3 I knew it was worth the wait !
  • Pookie2015
    Connected well with my situation will be back when predictions unfold would recommend