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November 2019



Let’s create magic in your life! CALL NOW and let me send you my blessings of love and light! Love, Storm XOXO
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My name is Storm, a 4th generation gifted intuitive! Are you ready to live your dream life? Look no further. My naturally given gifts has pushed me to dedicate my life to helping others create the life they would love to live. I have over 20 years of professional experience helping others who are lost and confused find a positive direction from the chaos in their lives. I am straight forward, but deliver the messages from the universe with an open-mind and compassion. I am known as the psychic spy because I know why you are calling and how to guide you. I can even remote view on someone and get an accurate picture of what they are thinking and feeling. All of your questions will be answered and your grief will be banished. Call today to create the future of your dreams! Love and light!
  • kathy
    Thank you so much I feel so much better now just waiting for your predictions to happen soon x
  • kathy
    Thank you I feel so much better now I Was so stressed before U put my mind at ease xx
  • Happy2018
    She is so good!!! Super super connected and accurate in the way she got to the core of my life.... She was so fantastic. Super thankful to have talked to her!
  • Shell05
    u made me feel so much better now