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July 2017

Psychic Medium Johnathan


My name is Johnathan and my mission is to help people accomplish their fullest potential and live their best life. There comes a time when enough is enough and we must make a brave choice to do something different and to step out of our comfort zone, and change everything in our life the, from the way we think, to the way we behave . If you are at the point in life where Something must change in your career and relationships you've come to the right place. Life can be beautiful, sacred ,and full of passion. Together we can accomplish that. I am here to support you in living your best life because you deserve nothing less, Brilliance is the illumination of light from within seeing yourself fully and acknowledging where you have been. Escaping, denying and numbing creates walls that bulks your brilliance and perpetuates your fall.
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I have a background rooted back in to HARIDWAR and deep learning of the universal powers. I have a desire to inspire and I a passion to serve. Member of international coach Federation. Certification from Christian Institute. I have given a speeches on accomplishment coaching in both New York City and San Diego year in the years of 1999, 2001, and 2003. I can show you how to have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing..
  • ArezooAndyousef
    Very warm and caring, quickly responds to your question and is very humble and generous
  • Ivann03
    Let me say that he is the best in knowing stuff that I don’t even mention to him. He is truly a blessing from God in really wanting to help you. He is truly NOT about wasting your money. I will be calling him back again.
  • melody
    Liked the reading and the predictions
  • kmnelson27
    thanks so much for your help, appreciate it :)