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May 2018

Psychic Dorien Moon


Celebrity Psychic 30+ years reading on TV and Radio ACCREDITED LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP PSYCHIC EXPERT, endorsed and knighted by the I.N.R.I.N.A (The Illuminated neo-renaissance international association) as a vanguard of human love potential and practice. Looking for answers to your most private issues? Need someone to turn to for honest clarity? Honest and Accurate predictions. Don't ever forget that YOU are the MASTER of your own DESTINY
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As an in-depth mystical psychic energy reader I can read your energy just by your voice and first name. I will be able to give accurate and caring professional psychic insight to open your vision to what is really happening in your life as well as the people around you. My specialties are love, family, pets, dreams, and life path. I will give you the answers that help guide you to your own spiritual awakening and heal your worries and any confusion. We will work together on how to block areas in your life that are not working in your favor when life is at a standstill or in a state of confusion. I am able to work as your guide and psychic mentor to ease your mind and to bring peace to your soul. I can unfold the hidden messages from your dreams and that can give you powerful solutions in all areas in your life. I am caring, open-minded and We all have inner strength, we just have to learn how to use it. We have the power to be successful and happy, but many of us don’t know how to achieve it. I think that maintaining a pure heart and spreading kindness to others leads to inner peace. Once we find that, we can open ourselves up to the energy that is beyond this world and the power we have within. When we believe in our true potential, everything is possible. I tap into your energy and the energy of the people around you, including people you're looking to learn about -- cheating boyfriend or husband? Betrayal and infidelity are my specialties, but I also focus on taking negative situations and turning them into positives for you. Stop lingering around in doubt, pain, and hurt. CHANGE YOUR LIFE and achieve every dream you want to attain. Nothing is out of the question. It starts with a reading.
  • Alma.Anastas
    wow god sent. he is a saint, I cry. his words just connected me to myself, make me feel strong and there is no BS involved
  • Tangie1985
    First time reading with him and he made me feel at ease... He told me what was triggering my poi and now I know what to do.. thank you so much Mr. Dorien... Will be calling again soon
  • vsoujanya9
    Thanks again
  • vsoujanya9
    Thanks Dorien