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January 2018

Medium Jacqueline


- Certified Celebrity Psychic for over 15 years - Find Clarity and Love. Free first readings.
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MASTER Medium Jacqueline - Multi-Generational psychic/medium with over 20 years experience in delivering messages received from the other side, seeing your future, getting to the core of your love life, your relationships and seeing who is your true soulmate. Medium Jacqueline has brought loved ones back together. She has the gift of bringing loved ones back together, directing you where you will find your true partner, getting you into new heights in your relationship, tapping into the thoughts and emotions of the ones you are concerned about. She has testimonies of people having reached great wealth in their careers thanks to her advice and foresight, testimonies of single and married people that have found real love through her guidance - Medium Jacqueline is a psychic/medium/empath/energy worker/career advisor/healer/astrologer who uses her gift of pure channeling to give you your message and to answer all your questions. This connection is usually to your guardian angels, spirit guides, and the omnipresent master teacher who shes ask to step forward to answer the questions you need answered. Those who have passed on see things so much more clearly than we can, and through this channel, Medium Jacqueline, communicates their messages directly to you in an easy to understand, honest, and friendly manner. A reading with Jacqueline feels like you've reached a place of bliss, of realization , peace and reassurance. She has the ability to give you resolution about anything and the confidence that you've resolved any block in your way. Mediumistic traits have been validated as far back as Medium Jacquline's maternal grandmother, but perhaps further. Jacquline's mother raised her only child with the intent of protecting her individuality and allowed her true intuitive nature to have a voice. Speaking with Spirit in her family was just done very naturally. Medium Jacquline's mother, intentionally or not, instilled a belief in her very early on that the Spirits, Saints, Angels, and Miracles unquestionable existed. This has led Jacquline to one of her passions: working with families having trouble understanding their children's mystical abilities. She has encouraged both children and adults though, and has helped many gifted individuals find their purpose on their own spiritual path. Medium Jacquline has offered insight into other dimensions for the public for over 20 years, but you could say her first reading was given out of innocence as a 7 year old girl. One day her mother's coworker unexpectedly stopped by the family home to drop something off. Jacquline approached the woman and told her about the two baby girls that were growing in her tummy. The coworker, laughed at what was soon to be fact, and upon a confirmation from her doctor, she realized she was pregnant and the small girl's prediction was accurate. Months later, the birth of two healthy twin girls offered validation of Jacquline's gifts. Word quickly spread and this was the beginning of her growing accurate psychic reputation. Medium Jacqueline is driven to help you find your soulmate, to guide you to your utmost desires with 100% success, to have lost/earthbound souls find peace. this work offers her an intense feeling of accomplishment. Jacquline considers it a privilege to serve those in need of her gifts. She will guide you to an enlightened place and help you see more clearly. By doing so, she will lovingly assist you with your Earth challenges which ultimately empowers you. No matter what you are seeking: love, success, family, career, a new path, a change, letting go, powering forth, reassurance, encouragement, the TRUTH, remote viewing into a cheating partner, career progression, a connection to the afterlife, metaphysical healing, relationship predictions, or just a general peek ahead, Jacquline's ability to see through the eyes of your soul may change your life forever. Medium Jacquline believes in her abilities and would love to share them with you.
  • Soula79
    Amazing as always.
  • Rachelincrisis
    Jacque is straight to the point, no sugar coating. Thank u for being so full of love and a big role model!
  • rachelmarlennilsen
    She's spot on especially considering timing , but also helping seeing clearly .
    Thank you for always supporting me and lifting my spirit when I am down