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May 2018



You want results? Two decades of expertise as an intuitive psychic and empath. I am a relationship advisor/counselor and coach, in all areas of partnership. My experience, training and expertise covers all areas of romantic, personal and professional partnership. Intuitive, calming, assertive, non-judgmental and positive, I will listen to your questions, addressing your questions and concerns, enabling you to experience insight and clarity in areas of your life where you are seeking answers.
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*Free Minutes for All New Customers* I focus on the healing, transformation, and growing the relationships most important to you, and a life that fills your soul. As a spiritual life coach, I apply a model of living judgment-free. A look into a reading with me, we'll begin with your date of birth and the date of birth of any others you wish to talk about. This information allows me to tap into your energy allowing me to focus on you, your energy and questions. I am a natural born empath and deeply intuitive, and will identify and quickly assess your challenges, based on your focused energy in asking direct well thought out questions. The emotional, intimate, or relational challenges you're experiencing in your current relationship, will come into focus, allowing a visible and workable approach and solution that I will show you how to easily apply to your relationship situation or challenge, where you will see immediate benefit and change. I will also show you how to move on, if that is where you are, and of course, whenever you're ready. I will share with you positive affirmations to promote emotional healing as you attempt to work through difficult challenging times, such as break-up or divorce. I am compassionate, caring, honest and direct in my delivery, answering your questions while offering a solution for the result you are seeking. My relational expertise and unique blend of intuitive, astrological insights, spiritual wisdom and expert advice will enable and encourage you, often times you'll see immediate results in your current circumstances. I will assist you in learning a better way to enjoy more of what you want, rather than more of what you don't want.
  • electricfeel
    have talked to everyone else! she's the most accurate and detailed! really glad i found her ❤❤❤
  • janedeux
    Oh wow Kaia! I am so blessed to talk with you. You are such an incredible force to be reckoned with. Thank you for the insightful, amazing reading! You were so right!!!!
  • KCM230
    she was amazing…omg… thank u so much kaia u r an angel 🙏🏻
  • vsoujanya9
    Many Thanks Kaia for being honest