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August 2022

Ernest Clairvoyant


I have always had faith in the divine. My gifts have grown since I awoke psychically upon discovering that I am on the Twin Flame journey. I tune into spirit guides and angels that are able to recognize what people want to know. I use the Tarot cards to explain your circumstances and the background effects involved. I give what the spirits and angels pass over to me for my clients highest good.
Skills & Methods
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I have read for the rich and famous and often do readings at big events such as The BRIT Awards. My guides and inspirations are 100% reliable and I often tune into loved ones in the spirit realm to offer detailed messages to make things much clearer for you in what you need to know. I am also an astrologer and use a wide range of empathic skills to make my readings relevant to your needs
  • Ari-Ms-Es
    very honest, upfront and quick to respond...Thank you
  • jerilyn_blue
    Wow Ernest!!! Was not expecting that!!! You were so accurate. Can't thank you enough!
  • oceanpearl
    Ernest is amazing! His predictions have always been spot on. Sometimes the predictions seem unlikely but I'm always amazed when they come to pass. It's uncanny! So grateful for his insights, he has helped me navigate very tough circumstances and I love him for it! Thank you Ernest!
  • huigeng
    talking to him was a real eye-opener… There were some things that he said that made me upset at first… Things that I didn’t want to hear… A couple of days later, a big prediction of his came true… That’s when I realized I was being lied to by my POi… As much as I didn’t wanna believe it at first, Ernest was right about the things that he was saying to me. No BS, no beating around the bush… Just truth, whether you want to hear it or not…