How often should you get a tarot reading?


Tarot readings are essentially an intuitive object of the psychic world.
How often should I get a tarot reading? Tarot cards have been used since the mid fifteenth century and originated in parts of Italy. However, only in the eighteenth century, were tarot cards use for occult or
divinatory purposes for what it is best known for today. Antoine Court and Jean Baptist Alliette are the ones accredited for popularizing tarot reading in the seventeen eighties in Paris. Tarot reading is a
historical pass time that has been greatly popularized in the west. However, tarot readings could be highly energetic and may stigmatize the one being read to. Tarot readings done by different tarot readers
could come out with highly different conclusions.

how often should you do tarot readings

how often should you do tarot readings?

Each tarot reading, regardless even of the choice of cards themselves could come forth with many different perspectives. The question here, however, is how OFTEN is this form of psychic prediction good for the soul?
One of the factors which affect how often one should get or give a tarot reading, which may sound obvious or seem obvious is depending upon one’s accessibility to tarot decks and their
correspondent guides of interpretation. Not to mention one’s personal level of expertise in divining and interpreting tarot readings. In other words, if you do not own a tarot deck, have no experience reading
tarot cards, and do not own any books or manuals explaining how to interpret tarot readings, then it is likely that there is a very limited frequency with which you can obtain individual readings. Unless of
course money is no object. However, even if your funds are unlimited, it is always a good idea to practice tarot readings with your own deck with which you become familiar as well as to seek out guides
for tarot interpretation that speak to you and your truth reliably.

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That being said, assuming ones access to all the necessary accoutrement for full and accurate tarot readings (i.e a complete deck of tarot cards and a reliable guide of tarot interpretation) are available to you
in an unlimited abundance, the question remains how often should I get a tarot reading and how often should I be giving a tarot reading?
WELL, the answer is dependent always upon what ones intention is. Are you looking to get a tarot reading which will span the broader reaches of your life changes and developments? For example, are your
tarot readings meant to give and overview of the seasons of your life, the winter spring, summer and fall of things? OR, are you merely trying to get a tarot reading which is only as often as a week? OR, even
still a shorter reading which you intend to reveal the vicissitudes and caprices of a single day? Recognizing the specific intentionality behind each individual tarot card reading is essential in determining how
Often you should get a tarot card reading.

how often should you get a tarot reading

Reading tarot can be either ones hobby, full time job or merely an illuminating way to pass ones time. Whatever your intention or however often you should desire to get a tarot reading, the essentials involved
remain the same. Firstly, you must obtain a tarot deck. The most recommended one is the Rider-Waits deck, published in 1910, and illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith, as it is the most illustrative one, containing simple images, simple color schemes, and intuitive symbolism. In fact, the Rider-Wait deck comes with a pocket-size sheet of paper that simply and clearly defines the deck’s most basic and common interpretations.

Tarot could be a very serious and life-changing reading as easily as it could be equivalent to doing a crossword puzzle. One should not do a tarot reading unless one really wants to. Meaning: it is perhaps
not advisable to get a tarot reading if one feels slightly or really afraid of it and its spiritual powers. It is not worth it as a tarot deck only opens up its powers when one feels totally fluid and light-hearted about the
results. It is also important not to get a tarot reading from a person you are not feeling good about in some way or the other. This uncertain energy could and would immediately translate onto the cards you
choose for yourself and henceforth taint the reading with some unsettled energy. If you are offered a tarot reading from someone, without having asked for it, then 9 times out of 10, one should really consider going for it, as the cards themselves, which hold so much energy are probably calling for you. Mind you, it is always important to drive the energy up and learn from the results as opposed to propagating any fear.
Even if there are cards such as the “devil” and “death” in a deck, it doesn’t always mean doom. The cards are always metaphorical and most of the time are symbols for observing oneself and encouraging self-improvement.

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how often should you get a tarot reading?

There is another question regarding this matter. Should one give oneself tarot readings and what kind of responsibility is it to give others tarot deck readings?
In terms of giving oneself tarot readings, it would be wise not to be trigger-happy about being too literal as it doesn’t give definitive answers. It only gives a path, leads the way, and gives clues that pertain to the laws of the universe, which by nature are completely mysterious. It does not really give yes and no answers. So it really depends on how in tune with the mystery of the universe one chooses to be. Go ahead and give yourself your own personal tarot reading every single day and see how metaphorical you could become. In terms of giving other people readings, it is perhaps recommended to drop any kind of personal knowledge you might have of them, since, normally in the order of basic psychology, it may taint the reading with your own personal interpretation of the person before you.

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In trying to access how often you should get or give a tarot reading, one should consider specific questions which dictate specific problems and their corresponding solutional spreads. For example, a more short-term question and thus a tarot reading which one could give or get as often as one likes is one that asks the question WHAT’S HAPPENING IN MY LIFE TODAY? This is one of the simplest spreads that exist. One can use this spread on a daily basis to ascertain what kind of day and what its corresponding challenges might be important for you RIGHT NOW. This type of tarot reading could be done as often as you like and with just a few cards, once you have learned to read the symbols and interpret the imagery. For this type of short-term tarot reading one should use only the MAJOR ARCANA cards as kept completely separate from the MINOR ARCANA. This will limit your reading to merely 22 cards of which only 3 will be necessary to obtain the final result. These three cards will represent three key archetypal answers as to what is happening in your life on that day:
1. What is the most important issue of this day?
2. On this day, what is it that most need my attention?
3. What is it on this day that I can do to create and manifest a specific influence on the future?

how often should you get tarot reading?​

4 cards addresses 4 corresponding key


1.What is the problem?
2.How is this problem influencing you?
3.How do I resolve the problem?
4.What will be the outcome?

4 keys to the destiny spread


1. Who are you now?
2. What is your current problem?
3. What are the future benefits?
4. What is my future outcome?

Another spread that could be utilized as often as you like and which can be used to divine all the unexpected elements of your short-term future in just 5 cards is known as THE HORSESHOE SPREAD.
This draw of 5 cards addresses and answers 5 key questions. They are as follows:
1. Who are you now?
2. What is expected?
3. What is the unexpected?
4. What is the immediate future?
5. What will be the outcome?

The question of how often one can get or give a tarot reading depends entirely upon the temporal scope of the querent’s (the asker) divination. In other words, more long-term questions require fewer readings done less often and spread out over a broader swath of time, whereas more short-term questions and divinations may be done as frequently and as often as one needs or desires.

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