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Dr. Fia Johansson


World Famous Psychic Detective Dr. Fia Johansson Featured on the Dr. Phil Show Showcased in Forbes, WSJ, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Dr. Phil Co-author with Brian Tracy Co-author with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup For the Soul. Quilly Award Winner Celebrity Psychic Medium Aiding Law Enforcement & Intelligence Services
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World famous psychic detective featured on Dr. Phil Follow My Instagram: @persianmedium Learn more: www.persianmedium.com

Fia Johansson What a celebration! I am feeling the love and energy all around me. I'm grateful to take home two awards and feel blessed for the opportunity to work on so many unique projects. Download Dr Fia Persian Medium App Now accurate persian medium predictions madeleine mccann
Persian Medium Accurately Predicts Madeleine McCann status and whereabouts full 9 months before authorities were led by Persian Medium to her and tracked the person who was described by Fia Johansson as the abductor.

As worldwide renown celebrity psychic investigator, Dr. Fia solely unmasked the truth about the woman who claimed to be a famous missing girl and was featured on Dr. Phil. Talking About Success with Jack Canfield ft. Fia Johannson
The legendary Jack Canfield sits down with Fia, the Subconscious Mind Surgeon, to talk about her unique path to success and her amazing track record of helping individuals reach the pinnacles of their success.

Fia Johansson Italian Film Festival Fia walks the red carpet at the Italian Film Festival Applied Specialties:
Film Producer Actress Psychic Detective on Reality Series
Finding Missing People Globally
Detective Fia's Credentials:
I serve as the lead medium for a local paranormal investigation team in California. I co-direct a national team of amazing psychic mediums who assist local police departments in missing persons and unsolved cases. As a psychic detective, my work assists in investigating crimes by using paranormal psychic abilities.

More on Fia Background:
•Fia Johansson is an entrepreneurial anomoly. The best-selling author, celebrity psychic medium, executive coach, film producer, and licensed private investigator and psychic detective known as Persian Medium has worked with tens of thousands of people to help them reach unbelievable heights. The very notion of helping people build incredible success isn't just a part of her brand -- she is the walking embodiment of it. She built her multi-million dollar empire from nothing, leaving her native country to Sweden, and then to the states where she currently works with celebrities, high-ranking executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, doctors, lawyers, foreign dignitaries, and even US government officials. Johannson has spoken at the United Nations and has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox News channels. Her greatest passion in life remains the ability to help others achieve their ultimate dreams and desires, teaching people to believe that truly, anything in this life is possible. I'm not giving any medical advice on AvidAdvice. This site's all about spirituality and energy, and entertainment purposes. None of the Medical questions will get answers. God Bless
  • renaultrose
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Prediction came to pass!!! Right on point!!!!
  • VIPTyler
    more than a psychic to me, fia has been my business and relationship coach for almost two years. in that time, she’s helped turn my failing business into a massive success, build and strengthen my finances and investments, and help me find the love of my love to enjoy all the amazing things i’ve got going. fia kicks ass
  • Robertsiefert542
    Fiona is absolutely amazing and I will be honest, she has been spot on with everything. Absolutely love her
  • electricfeel
    Got a series of predictions about care and money related issues I brought up. They have EACH come true. She has still not gotten it wrong for me. Super impressed and worth every single penny!